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ServiceExchange Service Revenue Generation Platform

ServiceExchange® Service Revenue Generation Platform

Take Command Of Your
Recurring Revenue Landscape

MaintenanceNet’s customizable, cloud-based and scalable service revenue generation platform unifies customer data from across your channel to automate the sales process, accelerate low-dollar/high-volume recurring revenue, and deliver invaluable purchasing and sales intelligence that enables you to innovate world class customer experiences.

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Putting The Power of Intelligent Data To Work

Our self-help, cloud-based service contract management platform is built on a robust and secure data architecture that reveals new or lost service sales opportunities.

By capturing and conditioning data from a virtually unlimited number of sources, MaintenanceNet transforms fragmented warranty and service contract data into actionable intelligence for sales and marketing teams.

This is where data transforms into actionable business intelligence. More accurate customer information is then aligned with the “right” sales opportunities and personnel, and your sales teams and partners will have the tools needed to sell the right service offerings and help buyers make the right service choices.


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Channel Partner Visibility And Communication

With cohesive data you also gain unparalleled visibility into network and customer opportunity and are able to optimize service sales and channel partner communication.

ServiceExchange establishes a single, secure source for product and service information and customer lifecycle management.

You acquire a strategic view of your sales operations and are able to share valuable data up and downstream, enabling channel partners with the information they need to sell more effectively and efficiently.

ServiceExchange® Features

Data-Driven, Service Contract Management and Service Revenue Generation Platform

  • ProdSub-AQ-Sec4-Icon4Branded, Client-facing Cloud Platform
  • Solutions-Sec1-icon1Multi-Source Data Optimization
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon3Complete Cloud Security
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon4Quote and Order Management
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon5Multi-Level User Access – Channel Delivery Model (Roll-Based Access Control)
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon6Inventory Management
  • ProdSub-AQ-Sec4-Icon1Opportunity Management
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon8Advanced Contact Management
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon9Advanced Reporting and Analytics Tools
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon10Event-Based Notifications
  • Solutions-Sec1-icon3Customized Quote and Order Business Rules
  • Solutions-Sec1-icon10Language Translation & Currency Conversion

  • Solutions-Sec1-icon6Real-time Performance Reporting
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon14Simple Intuitive Interface
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon15Customizable KPI Dashboards
  • ProdSub-SE-Sec4-icon16Global View of Product/Service Activity

MaintenanceNet offers flexible recurring revenue solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing technology and marketing investments.

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Improve Top and Bottom Line Revenue Health

As a service revenue generation platform, ServiceExchange comes enabled with the automation tools you need to optimize your low-dollar/high-volume service business and empower sales teams and partners to attach more services, close more renewals and manage produce and service lifecycles more effectively.

With AutoQuote Campaign Management and integrated quote automation enabled, you will reduce your cost of sale and improve conversion rates by delivering automated client-specific, white labeled service quotes to the market.


Reduced Quote Creation Time By 10x and Increased Services Revenue By Over 40%

Service annuity automation and renewal management for the life of your business.

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Powerful Reporting and Analytics

With reporting and analytics, MaintenanceNet ensures your team and channel partners have the information necessary to transform reactive service sales into proactive customer experiences, and the insight to optimize recurring revenue operations specific to your needs.

Our performance reporting KPI’s will provide insight into your services business regardless of how many sales teams or end customers are involved, expose additional sales opportunities to enable further sales growth, and provide predictive and prescriptive analysis of your overall sales process.



“By providing quick, convenient and accurate information, Felix (powered by MaintenanceNet) has the potential to revolutionize the way that Cisco partners do Cisco SMARTnet business. It enables them to be more responsive, streamline processes, save time and win more business.”

–David Harvey, European Director of Cisco, Azlan, Tech Data