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The Four Pillars of a Best-in-Class Recurring Service Revenue Practice

Maintenance and After-market Services represent a huge revenue opportunity for manufacturers today, but many organizations struggle to optimize this recurring revenue stream and are leaving money on the table.


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Using Data To Meet Your Sales Quota

Transform your data into actionable business intelligence. Sales managers that excel at interpreting customer data consistently unlock hidden revenue opportunities, hit their numbers more often and propel their companies past competitors time and time again.


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Automate Low-Dollar Contract Renewals

While selling a service renewal to an interested customer may sound easy enough, the reality is that low-dollar contracts are neglected by sales professionals time and time again simply because they’re difficult and time consuming to track and manage. Learn how you can automate your sales process to sell more low-dollar, high-volume service renewals.


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Sales Expansion Through Effective Registration Practices

Effective registration programs enable future revenue opportunities, grant visibility into the product and service lifecycle, support customer retention and provide competitive fuel to differentiate.

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Leveraging Data Analytics to Build a Better Services Business

Data analytics surrounding the warranty and service contract management process enable companies to reach out to their end customers to register, renew and refresh – in other words, to interact at strategic life cycle points.

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A Manufacturer’s Guide to Increasing Service Revenue

As margins for hardware and software are falling, manufacturers are looking to services to increase revenue. MaintenanceNet® recommends successful strategies for manufacturers to rapidly identify, engage and secure new and renewed maintenance service revenue.

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Empower Your Sales Team with Data-Driven Technology

Every manufacturer needs 360° access to information about which products were sold to whom and when. The channel model often represents a black hole of information, leaving vendors in the dark with regard to where their products and services have been sold as well as how they are being used. address this problem with a new concept of service lifecycle management.

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