campaign360Img Campaign360® We understand the importance of your marketing dollars and the need to use them to effectively drive top- and bottom-line revenue.

With our powerful Campaign360 module, customers can issue highly-targeted sales and marketing campaigns based on a distinct set of data to reach a focused audience.

A cloud-based campaign management platform, Campaign360 gives manufacturers and channel partners the ability to create targeted campaigns with the goal of educating customers, providing visibility into the lifecycle of their assets and services, selling consumables, or refreshing technology. Campaign360 is a push-based solution that features telesales management capabilities and automatic email notifications to reinforce the desired call to action.

The result: campaign-specific leads that increase your post-sale service and product revenue!

How does it work? Built on the Data Core, Campaign360 provides unprecedented access to accurate and reliable supply chain data. By aggregating and cleansing your complicated supply chain information, we have created the CORE of our business – a “complete” customer record. You now have visibility into who your customers are so that you can effectively execute a successful and profitable sales and marketing campaign.

Dramatically increase sales conversions by creating on-demand marketing campaigns that can be customized to meet your unique marketing and sales goals. Contact us today to learn more about our campaign management solutions and other complementary tools and services.

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Fuel Service Revenue in a Down Economy
Fuel Service Revenue in a Down Economy
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“Campaign360 has allowed us to significantly increase our sales conversion rates.”

- Business Development Manager for Global Technology Manufacturer