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productsImg1 Data SecurityData security is paramount at MaintenanceNet. No exceptions and no caveats. The physical architecture of the MaintenanceNet solution reflects this commitment. MaintenanceNet employs industry-leading best practices in the design and implementation of our data management services, Service360® technology platform and quote and order automation solutions. As a result, we deliver and maintain the highest levels of data security in the industry.


Absolute Data Security

Secure information management and delivery is our highest priority. To achieve this, MaintenanceNet employs a robust security management framework that determines policies, procedures and guidelines for how we work with your sensitive business information.

Physical Security

Infrastructure security starts with a secure data center design. Our co-location facilities employ state-of-the-art safeguards to ensure that only authorized MaintenanceNet personnel obtain access to the systems and hardware storing or transmitting confidential customer data.

Network and Communication Security

MaintenanceNet uses a defense-in-depth strategy to secure all communications within our infrastructure. Defense-in-depth means we deploy multiple layers of defense to ensure that the compromise of any one mechanism does not compromise the entire system.

Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention

We employ firewalls to provide deep inspection of network traffic helping to ensure that more sophisticated attackers cannot exploit inherent protocol weakness. To augment the firewalls, MaintenanceNet employs intrusion prevention systems to detect and prevent attacks.

Network Segmentation

MaintenanceNet isolates servers that physically store partner data by placing these servers on a protected network separate from other servers within the system.

Session Security

As an application service provider, all access to MaintenanceNet occurs over the Internet. To ensure the confidentiality of data, MaintenanceNet uses 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt communications between a user’s browser and the MaintenanceNet application.

Secure Data Transfer

MaintenanceNet is capable of receiving data feeds over secure protocols such as Secure Copy (SCP) and Secure File Transfer (SFTP).

MaintenanceNet is committed to working effectively with your IT departments to assure security compliance and effective information exchange. For more information on our solution framework, and the role security plays in our solution, please contact us.

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