Business Intelligence

busintelligenceImg Business IntelligenceThe business intelligence (BI) achieved from our data management services will empower you to make better business decisions to further accelerate revenue and drive action around your services business.

Our experience has revealed that, on average, only 50% of your data is actionable

Meaning that half of the data is missing key pieces of information, which prevents you from creating successful service quotes and transactions. Through our proven data management processes, we enrich that data to elevate success rates on quotes, taking the data to 85% actionable. We increase not only the number of opportunities that you can take action on, but also your overall service revenue potential.

Areas where MaintenanceNet® BI solutions create value:

  • Gain clarity on “true” renewal rates
  • Deliver automated quotes to the market
  • Evaluate buying behavior and examine how services are performing by region, partner, and customer
  • Create incentives and promotions to further drive the sale of services
  • Evaluate the regions, theatres and market segments that are not renewing services
  • Establish awareness and marketing campaigns to further educate the market on the value of services

Our BI is not only used to provide valid data, but to also identify the gaps in the data and communicate that information back to our customers in order to address ongoing data issues. This exchange of data and intelligence adds value to every party involved.

It is our mission to deliver valuable and current market data that will be consumed and circulated back into the market as a single source of truth.

Client Success

Client Success

Case studies on solutions we've developed for some of our clients.
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“...we will be able to provide greater value to our clients while improving our overall service contract and technology refresh sales.”

- SVP of Client Solutions,
Insight North America