Data Management

Our ongoing commitment in every customer engagement is to unearth new service contract data, refine existing data, and continuously deliver new levels of data quality.

dataManagement Data Management Our core competency resides in the ability to manage and aggregate large volumes of data. MaintenanceNet extracts information from various multi-party data sources to build a Service360 Data Core for our clients. We do not replace existing systems, but work strategically with you to integrate with your internal asset management, ERP, POS and CRM tools.

We create a baseline of opportunities provided within your existing data sources. Then, we increase that baseline by remediating and improving the data in order to make it valid, complete, and quotable. The resulting perspective creates a 360° picture of the overall service opportunity present across your installed base.

MaintenanceNet does not create a silo of information: we work with you to deliver cleansed and complete data back to your internal systems in a format that works for you. We also make recommendations on resolutions and business process improvements that will have a profound impact on your services business.

Our Process

processGraph Data Management

  • Data Aggregation: multi-source data collection
  • Normalization and Cleansing: turning data into actionable information
  • Data Mining and Discovery: repair and discover new revenue opportunities
  • Data Reporting and Analysis: complete picture of services business

Let us start analyzing your data now – so that you can quickly gain insight into your full service sales potential. Contact us today!

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The Power of Data Analytics
The Power of Data Analytics
Learn how to increase your bottom line service revenue.
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“MaintenanceNet helped us to recognize our revenue potential, resulting in significantly more recurring service revenue.”

- VP of Channel Sales, Panasonic