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Service Quote Automation

AutoQuote Campaign Engine

Enable your sales force to sell more,
by doing less.

Improve your sales effectiveness by automating low-dollar/high volume service quotes so your team can focus their sales efforts on their largest opportunities that need a personal touch.

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Reduce cost of sales and improve time to revenue.

Dramatically decrease your sales costs while increasing the velocity of near-term revenue and optimizing your recurring revenue sales cycles.

MaintenanceNet’s low-touch/no-touch quote automation engine dramatically reduces quote time and effort, enabling you to reach more customers faster, reduce the cost of selling services, increase renewal rates, and ensure all sales opportunities are being addressed with all parties in the supply chain.

Our dynamic campaign templates follow each phase of the product or service sales lifecycle: Attach, 2nd Chance Attach, Renew, Expired, Up-sell/Cross-sell, and Tech Refresh.


MaintenaceNet has delivered


to Ingram Micro’s reseller partners.

Straightforward, automated service revenue generation.
One campaign is all it takes to realize the MaintenanceNet Advantage.
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Make your partners and customers happier and increase conversion rates.


MaintenanceNet’s AutoQuote™ Campaign Engine helps to strengthen and reestablish relationships with channel partners as well as increase renewal rates with existing customers. No more lost quotes, inaccurate information, or miscommunication.

Cleansed and actionable customer data is aggregated and synced from multiple sources, ensuring accurate, personalized communication reaches individual customers and channel partners. The “right” service or offer getting to the right customer greatly increases lead conversions and reduces time to close.

At the same time invaluable purchasing and sales data is captured that can be used to improve customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention.


“Thousands of Ingram Micro channel partners use the MaintenanceNet AutoQuote solution to put their service contract sales programs on ‘auto-pilot’ and boost revenue and profits. The solution offers a convenient way for our partners to leverage big data and turn maintenance contracts into an important ongoing revenue generator for their businesses.”

- Peter Gambino, Executive Director, Advanced Technology Division and Cisco Business Unit, Ingram Micro

AutoQuote™ Campaign Engine Features

  • ProdSub-AQ-Sec4-Icon1Customer Data Integration
  • ProdSub-AQ-Sec4-Icon2Customized Campaign Business Rules
  • ProdSub-AQ-Sec4-Icon3Accurate and Automated Quote Creation
  • ProdSub-AQ-Sec4-Icon4White Labeled – Maintain Your Brand and Your Supply Chain Partners Identity
  • ProdSub-AQ-Sec4-Icon5Customizable Messaging
  • Solutions-Sec1-icon6Integrated, Personalized Real-Time Customer Pricing
  • Solutions-Sec1-icon7Seamless Integration With Pricing and Availability Systems
  • Solutions-Sec1-icon8 Order Automation w/ API Integration
  • Solutions-Sec1-icon9Simultaneous Quote Deliver to Partners and End Customers
  • Solutions-Sec1-icon10Currency Conversion and Language Translation

“MaintenanceNet automated our service quotes and ordering process and provided us with an easy to use platform to decrease our cost of sale while expediting sales transactions for our customers.”

-Jonathan Philpott, Business Development Manager Services, Tech Data AZLAN


Reduce Sales Friction,
Streamline Sales & Buying Cycles

Through MaintenanceNet’s automation solutions, we deliver relevant and actionable data that allows you to address your renewal opportunity and reduce quote times 10 fold.
By removing time-consuming manual interactions from the quote creation and delivery process, we eliminate sales research time, drastically reduce quote creation time, and accelerate time to revenue.


Automation can save close to 30,000 sales team work hours each month!

If 125,000 quotes are automated each month…
that can save 8,000 Distributor hours…
…and 20,000 Reseller hours.