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MaintenanceNet puts channel enablement and automation solutions in place to make sure your service revenue goals are achieved.

We employ a standard engagement plan and a “pay for performance” model in order to deliver a consistent, optimal time to value. Our business model is successful because we are flexible in addressing each customer’s unique needs.

MaintenanceNet follows an engagement approach that consists of three phases:

1 Work With Us Discovery:

During the discovery phase, MaintenanceNetwill work with you and your business team to evaluate project objectives, available data sources, current systems, and business rules. We’ll review expectations and determine the appropriate revenue solution that will best meet your business needs.

2 Work With Us Data Analysis:

We begin our analysis by gathering and assimilating customer transaction information. Our dedicated data and business analysts evaluate your sources. We then apply proprietary algorithms to current static sales information. The result is a 360° perspective of the opportunities present across your installed base.

3 Work With Us Implementation:

We work closely with you to ensure your requirements are met. Because our technology enables rapid implementation and customization, we can execute several review cycles and apply performance enhancements quickly. Once pre-established milestones are achieved, we scale the solution for ongoing engagement and continued ROI.

To learn more about how other clients have found value with MaintenanceNet, please visit the clients page or contact us.

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