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Build a Company Culture That Keeps Employees & Customers Coming Back

Every employee wants to work for a company with a great culture. Every customer wants to work with a company that cares.

Great culture equals employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction.  If employees are happy, that happiness is passed on in every customer engagement – setting you up for increased revenue growth, particularly in the area of service sales.

Case in point, read “10 Customer Service Tips That Will Transform Your Customer’s Experience from Good to Great.”

MaintenanceNet Company CultureSo what is a great culture?

A great culture is one that inspires innovation and motivation, and even stronger sales. Steve Tobak, Editor for Inc., also defined his idea of company culture this week in “Why Perks Aren’t Company Culture.”

Why should you care about culture?

It’s an equation that keeps your team members motivated, helps you recruit best-of-breed employees, makes being at work fun, and ultimately keeps you and your team employed. Great culture keeps customers coming back for more because they like doing business with you.

So, how do you build a great culture?

The answer is in the eye of the beholder. But, every employee and customer contributes to the company’s culture.  As a recent San Diego SHRM Workplace Excellence award winner, we think we know what it takes to build a great culture, and we’ve put together the award winning tips below to guide you in your journey.

Tip #1: Make your voice heard

This blog post is not just for the employer, but for the employee as well. You are in charge of your own destiny. You have the ability to drive change at your workplace. Find out what you need and make your voice heard.

Tip #2:  Over communicate

Conduct regular all-hands meetings so everyone is up to date and informed on company decisions. Reinforce how important each position is within the company. Follow up on suggestions. Involve others. Don’t be afraid to over communicate. It can often take two or even three conversations before your message is really heard.

Tip #3: Take your time with interviews

When interviewing and hiring, screen for skills but focus on culture fit and ability to adapt. Skills are important, but being a productive part of the team is key to your success.

Tip #4: Train, train and retrain

Implement an all-encompassing orientation program for new hires for total assimilation into the company.  Conduct a 30-60-90 day evaluation for new hires to ensure all are on the same page in regard to progress or if additional training is needed. Provide coaching and mentoring opportunities for staff to continue to develop and thrive.

Tip #5: Mix it up

Host spontaneous, fun events to break up the week (“Popsicle Friday,” lemonade breaks on the patio, ice cream socials in the kitchen). Hold monthly team-sponsored and fun-themed TGIF gatherings, creating a fun event for all to socially interact. Encourage fun competitions and games to foster interaction among teams.

Tip #6: Help others

Create community within your organization and promote helping others. Invite employees to suggest monthly community service ideas for company-wide participation (troop packages, back to school backpacks, race/walk fundraisers, beach cleanup, holiday toy drives, etc.)

Tip #7: Reward, incent, acknowledge

Provide an opportunity or forum for peers to recognize each other for going above and beyond. Praise and recognize staff when a problem is resolved or ideas are generated. Create an environment of positive acknowledgement and reward creativity.

Overwhelmed yet? You can begin small. Your culture will grow if you nurture it. By implementing a few of these tips, you will quickly find that your culture will become something that employees and customers brag about.  Remember, happy employees equal happy customers, which equal recurring service revenue. It’s an equation that you don’t want to get wrong.


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